Disciplined Philosophy

Planning-based: We use a disciplined wealth management process that begins with in-depth financial planning. This comprehensive financial goal analysis provides clients with a relevant course of action for investing, tax, estate planning, and insurance. The plan is typically updated annually. We find that clients appreciate a well thought-out approach, which creates the foundation for a trusting relationship. At the end of the process, the client, CPA, and estate attorney are all on the same page with a clearly defined path to move forward.

Asset Allocation: We provide open architecture investment solutions, meaning we have access to virtually any investment on any platform. We also partner with thought-leaders in advanced asset allocation models using active, passive, and alternative strategies. Using strategic partners provides our clients with innovative asset allocation,

analytics, as well as timely research. Clients benefit from independent, unbiased, and objective investment solutions. Large, independent custodial platforms also provide transparency and service.

Comprehensive Reporting: Cutting-edge reporting software shows transparent returns relative to an appropriate benchmark for each asset class. We can run these reports dynamically anytime and can report on assets held with hundreds of custodians. Clients appreciate having one consolidated report detailing every investment they hold, including assets held away such as 401(k) plans, alternative investments, and collectibles. These reports are easy to read and clearly show relative performance net of fees.