Parallel Paths

Whether you are disillusioned with a big brokerage firm or looking for an entrepreneurial group of like-minded advisors, Parallel offers you a firm that aligns with your goals of independence and transparency. Our firm is free of product and platform bias. We are not held captive to proprietary products. As a registered investment advisor, we have a fiduciary responsibility to work in the best interests of our clients. As an employee-owned firm, we also feel a moral responsibility to work in everyone’s best interests. We reward individual business development efforts as well as incentivize collaborative work. Compensation is simple and straightforward, with an opportunity for equity ownership. And, we cover overhead including operational support, health benefits, technology, software licensing, travel, client events, and professional development.

Collaborative Teamwork

Our culture encourages open, ongoing communication and exploration. We leverage one another’s specialized expertise to provide clients with holistic thinking as well as targeted recommendations. We also support synergy among our clients’ outside advisors, including accountants and lawyers, working as the contact person to help ensure their finances are consistently aligned with their goals.

Innovative Partnerships

To augment our skill set, we search the industry to find the most talented professionals in key areas of wealth management, from portfolio construction to research to due diligence. In this way, you can focus on what you do best – serving your clients – to help ensure they are getting the best resources for their money.

Advanced Technology

In addition to human capital, we support an industry-recognized Web-based technology platform that provides efficiency in servicing our clients as well as accessing the latest research and resources. Web-based CRM tools afford paperless client files for easy remote access. Web-based planning tools allow for integrated data from multiple custodians. And, Web-based applications that reconcile portfolios daily offer on-demand, customized, consolidated performance reports.