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We enjoy supporting our clients, colleagues, professional partners, and the markets we serve.

Community Content

The Financial Planning Association

Parallel's Michael Ma served as President of the Board of the FPA of San Francisco.

Parallel Advisors Supports Arnie's Army

Parallel's William Clements enjoyed a round of golf in support of Arnie's Army, a charitable organization working to battle prostate cancer.

Little League Sponsors

Parallel Advisors supports our local communities through Little League sponsorships.

Cycling in New York

Cycling in New York

Parallel Advisors’ clients happily making good use of our cycling jerseys on a beautiful day in Chautauqua, New York.

Black Diamond Visit

Black Diamond, our performance reporting software vendor, sent Micah Huxford to our San Francisco office to offer advanced training sessions.

Camping in Point Reyes

Parallel clients are well-cared for with all the essentials, such as our red camping mug.

Parallel Advisors Supports MS

Our popular Parallel jersey helped one San Francisco biker keep a quick pace during a ride in support of The National Multiple Sclerosis Society.


Henry’s Fork Foundation

Henry’s Fork Foundation

Parallel Advisors’ Jake Schutt is a supporter of Henry’s Fork Foundation, a nonprofit that has been preserving the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River since 1984.

Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up

Fidelity’s Client Service Manager for Parallel Advisors, Michael Bowman, gives Parallel the thumbs up during Fidelity’s Operations Roundtable Conference in Texas.

Parallel at Work Down Under

Parallel provides protection to our clients, even in Australia.

Parallel Supports Little League

Little League ballers are feeling Parallel's support.

London Business School - Globo, Waggl, Uber, NextDoor

Parallel Hosts the London Business School

LBS students and alumni were treated to a stimulating Q&A reception with executives from Uber, Nextdoor, Waggl and Globo in Parallel's SF offices.

Friends & Family Cycling Team

Friends & Family Cycling Team

Jamey Mills of the Parallel Advisors’ Denver office leads Parallel friends and family cycling team which raises money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.